Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cards for Sale***EDITED

I'm so excited!! Yesterday a co-worker asked if I had Thanksgiving cards for sale. (I have a sign up around the office saying that I have cards for all occasions for sale) I told her I did but I'd taken the box home to make the envelopes but could bring them back today.

I made a couple more last night and brought them in this morning. She bought 8 of them!!!!!

Another co-worker heard us talking yesterday and said she needed one for her sister but was leaving for a conference today. No problem. She paid me for the card, sight unseen, called me last night with her sisters address, I signed the card for her and I'm mailing it today.

WaHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. As of this moment I only have 4 cards left. I haven't even mailed my own cards! Hopefully I be busy making more tonight if I sell the rest of these.

Someone else just asked me to make a "Congratulations" for a new baby card & a "Thinking about you" for our co-worker that is recovering from her biopsy..

Maybe word will start getting around and I can retire.

Til later......................

******UPDATE...I went to the PO to mail stuff for work and got postal charges for the cards the lady bought. I thought they might be a little higher than normal due to the size and offered to find out for her. Well, long sad story short...the postman said because of the size and the fact several of them would have to be hand canceled due to the "embellishments" he could feel..about half of them would be $1.13 each to mail. The rest were .58. When I got back to the office and told the lady she said that was more than she wanted to spend to mail them and didn't want the cards anymore. She said she felt bad because they were really nice but the postage was an issue. I offered to give her the difference in what postage would have cost and what it will cost so she's not out anymore than she planned and she said no. She said she didn't feel comfortable doing that.


I'm offering to "eat" the postage difference so that she can still have the cards and not have to go out and buy others and she says she doesn't feel comfortable?? I'd much rather loose $5 then the total amount of the cards. Plus now I have cards to sell again at this late date. POOP!!

To make matters worse, I spent the money while I was gone at lunch so now I have to get it and give it back to her tomorrow.

Lesson learned. I will be very careful about my embellishments and try to make them flatter & the "average" size. Either that or I will be sure people know that they may require extra postage. Double POOP!! I'm so disappointed.

Guess I won't need to make more cards for myself now that I have 8 more than I thought.

OH...and did I mention that after rushing to create, print , stuff envelopes and go to the PO for work, I found out when I got back that I had the WRONG CHURCH listed on the invitation to our Christmas party for our clients. This was right after finding out about the cards.



Jenn said...

That's fantastic!!! Btw, the boys liked their goodie bags, especially the candy necklaces, lol. They were all excited about those! Thank you for my goodie bag & the "pumpkin poop" was hilarious.

Jenn said...

BTW, I just saw on Michele's blog that you commented about the Boy's christmas wish list. Well, I did a Wish List Registry at Walmart for the Boys Christmas list. Its under my name. You can find it online or at the store. :) Jenn

Kip said...

Can't believe that lady turned down your offer! Did she understand it???

Anonymous said...

Oh that stinks that she turned down the cards & your offer! I have a stack of invites on my counter to mail which are VERY lumpy and I was dreading taking them to the post office.