Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boring but posting

Not an exciting post but wanted to stop by and say hi!!


How's your mom & them?

Sorry, it's a Southern saying my DH taught me.

Maybe I shouldn't post when I have nothing to say.

Got my OIL changed in my car this morning. As usual they had a list of "recommendations" for things that need attention. Thanks. Not today.

Hey, we haven't talked about TV shows lately. Let's do that shall we?? We aren't going to discuss the Writers Strike. We are just going to dish about the shows that are still being aired.

Prison Break....GOOD GRIEF..still a great show and one they should show to everyone that is considering a life of crime. The threat of being sent to SOMA would keep me on the straight and narrow. What is going to happen to Micheal? Will they get LJ back?

Hero' now we understand what happened the last four months..or do we? How did the guy that was the "hero" in ancient Japan get to be the guy ADAM that befriends Peter?? Totally confused.

Bones....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Gross. Between the 80's references and the soupy gunk in the time capsule...made it hard to eat my dinner. (I got home late). of the funniest episodes in awhile. Unless you don't get or appreciate Gregories dry quips. I laughed out loud many, many times. Even Wilson got in some zingers. LOVE IT!!

Anyone watching JOURNEYMAN?? Great twist in the last show. Hmmmmmm???!!!

BTW, if you missed DAMAGES (and don't say I didn't tell you to watch) you may get to catch up before they have the new season. I'm glad to see they agreed to two more seasons, at least. Hopefully the writing can hold up.

My sis is headed to Georgia today to spend a week with the cutest little boys on the planet. So glad their mom & dad are getting a chance to go away for a well deserved trip. Looks like the weather should be nice. I'm sure they wouldn't even care if it rained, just as long as they have some peace & quiet & "couple" time. JENN..don't worry about the boys. They are in good hands and they won't be to spoiled by the time you get back. LOL!!!

Guess I've wasted enough of your time in the name if a post so will leave you now. Happy Wed!!

Til later...................


Jenn said...

Hi Hi! :) I'm not worried one bit about the boys, however; I am worried about Michele! LoL Josh says he will understand if she runs from the door as soon as we get back, lmao.


Michele L from Tampa said...

I am here and yes they be great, gonna keep them busy! jennifer showed me the shot - I am scared of that! but it is for my dyl boy so I can do it

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