Monday, November 5, 2007

My sister has a better memory than I do

How she remembers the family stuff she does is amazing. Maybe it's because I seem to have a block on certain things or maybe it's just because I have so much other CRAP in my head that I forget the important bragging rights.

Remember how I rooted for the SOX and told you it was because I'm from Mass? Well apparently I forgot the fact that we actually had a RED SOX member in our family tree. Click on my sisters Blog on the left & scroll down a couple posts. She has all the details listed.

Man, gotta start paying better attention to my family heritage. My mother traced our tree back to about 1600 or earlier (I forgot..surprised??) and I know we had some famous people crop up. We have family that came over with the original settlers but there is one missing link to confirm it. I think she discovered we are related to George Bush and that's probably when I stopped paying attention.

No comments.

You can't choose your family.

Til later.......................


Jenn said...

Yep! We had a relative come over with Christopher Columbus' gang & discovered Bermuda or another island around that area. ((Stephen Hopkins, I believe was his name))

Btw, I posted! :)

Michele L from Tampa said...

sorry no relation to bush thank god. Mayflower jenna - not CC