Wednesday, November 7, 2007

October is over but the fight continues

You may have noticed I still have my THINK PINK stuff on my blog. No, I didn't forget to remove it and NO, I'm not to lazy to redo my screen. I've left it up in honor of the women who are still living with and fighting this disease.

One of my co-workers is at the hospital right now getting tested and having surgery. We are all with her in spirit and anxiously waiting to hear the outcome. She could use all the support we can offer so I'm doing my small part. I wore a red bra & a red shirt..I know the color should be PINK but I don't really have anything I could have worn so RED it is.

If you could send up a prayer for her and her family I'm sure it will be heard. Thanks.

On a slightly different note, my niece is interviewing for a new job and could also use some good thoughts. She's worried about her interviewing skills. I told her that it has already been decided and she shouldn't be nervous. I sure hope the answer is YES as they could use some good news. HUGS to you Jenna!!!!!! They would be lucky to have you.

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend. My plan is to stay home & work on examples of things I want to sell for Christmas $$. Hopefully the ideas in my head will translate to the actual items. I will probably head out to a local community yard sale on Saturday morning but then I'm sitting my butt in my craft chair and only getting up to visit "the facility".

What do you have planned?? Going to hit the sales??

BTW, I had lunch with my mom yesterday. It was a nice surprise and a pleasant hour. THANKS for calling mom. Glad we could get together.

Til later......................


Jenn said...

Thanks for the thoughts... I am glad you got lunch with Grandma. I wish I was closer :(

Jules said...

Prayers going out!

Michele L from Tampa said...

send prayers out to your friend and everyone fighting this horrible thing. thanks for taking mom to lunch she loves trying new places when she does she does get to go out - said it was really good