Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Pictures & stuff

Hope everyone enjoyed/survived their Halloween. My DS was with his dad last night so I'm not sure what he ended up doing. All I know is that he left the house w/o a costume so unless he went as a "12 year old boy"....he didn't dress up.

Just for the record...according to the kids that came by our house last night he WAS NOT to old to go Trick or Treating.

Speaking of the kids....I needed to finish loading pictures onto a project I was trying to order from Vista Print and the offer expired at midnight so I was multi tasking ...for 3 hours!!! I was in the computer/scrapbook room trying to select pictures for this project and every three minutes or so the door bell would ring and I'd get up..go to the front door..hand out candy...go back and repeat.....from 6:00 ish until 9pm ish.

Somewhere in the middle of that I decided that perhaps I could find better pictures from a disc so I inserted an unmarked disc..and the computer decided it needed to update something. An HOUR later it was still updating & removing and adding stuff and I finally had to take the darn disc out and I'm not sure what I've done but all I do know is that I wasted a hour and finally just loaded the rest of the pictures and then.....

I decided to scrap the project because it was 10pm and it was time to join my patient dh and I didn't want to spend any more time on the "bottomless project". I suspected they would repeat the offer and I was correct. This morning I had an email saying that they'd had tech. difficulties with their site and loading pictures so they were offering the same stuff again and now I have another MONTH to get it worked out and ordered. I did order the stuff I'd already put in my cart so it wasn't a total loss.

I loaded all my Halloween pictures but since they are on my home computer and I'm at work (big surprise) I'll have to add them later. They just sent a link to pictures they took at work yesterday but when I checked, my pic was HUGE so you'll have to wait. BTW, when I say HUGE..I mean the picture...not me....well, I do look preggiers so I guess in truth I do look HUGE...I'm not preggers BTW so don't ask..nope ..just that DH's shirt made me look fat...yeah.. that's it...not my fault.

I was really suprised by the number of kids last night. Last year we had 3 and they were the neighbors coming to meet the new people. This year it was non stop for about three hours until I finally turned out the light cause I was frankly tired of getting up and answering the door. Didn't have any distruction to the house/car or yard so I guess no one was disappointed when the light went out.

Highlight of the night was when a little girl came to the door dressed as a cheerleader with blood all over her face. My first thought was "Clare from Hero's". She had no idea what I was talking about. She had a little witch/princess..can't remember.. with her and she was the first to ask what I was dressed as. I told them and the next three times someone rang the was the cheerleader bringing people to see the woman in the "????" costume..LOL.

In the middle of all the Halloween/picture loading stuff I realized that the Baby shower card I'd been commissioned to make yesterday would need to be done TONIGHT (Halloween night) because the lady doesn't work on Fridays and the shower is this Saturday. ARG!! I ended up cutting out the base while answering the door and loading pictures and then finished it and the envelope about 9:15 while trying to listen/watch Criminal Minds. It (the card..not Criminal minds..I'll review that another time) turned out OK but not as good as I'd have liked if I'd had more time. My friend was pleased enough and turned down my offer of a "rebate" on her purchase price.

Now that you are probably bored or confused by my time jumping/need a calculator post I'll say.............

Til later..........................

BTW...Cyber Hugs to Ms J's-E and to Kip with her back trouble. We KNOW about back trouble so we hope she finds relief soon.
EDITED to add Pictures:

This is a picture of the "treats" I took to work. They are "Sour Cream" containers that I Made out of Halloween paper. I put half of a toilet paper tube inside to keep the shape but next time I don't think I will. I wrapped Black/orange & white jelly beans in saran wrap & stuffed them in the tube. Formed the roll of paper over it, glued the ends in opposite directions, crimped the ends and glued the "Pumpkin Poop" label on top. (you can google & find several versions).

My Costume. The knife is a pizza cutter. I left it at my desk all day, stuck in the box and only got it when people couldn't figure out what I was. Sadly, because of the "climate" of our world these days..if I ever use it again... I think I'll make a paper knife" so not to freak anyone out.


Jules said...

Thanks darlin' so much for the good wishes!

Kip said...

thanks for the good thoughts as I need them. You're very sweet to make those for the people at work Cheryl and I'm sure they appreciated them.

Jenn said...

We got a BIG kick out of "Aunt Cheryl the "CEREAL KILLER" LOL Even Josh got a kick out of it! The house decorations were good too!