Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a week so far

Monday night we had company.

Tuesday I had a SLAH meeting with one of the corporate trainers. It was very interesting. If you know anyone looking for extra money or their own business, now is a great time to join my team. People are staying home more and adding a beautiful product will make people happy.

Wed. we got a TON of rain and some of it was damaging. In the middle of it, I was driving to a meeting. I go to a Networking meeting once a month and it's a great group of women. We always have a charity of the month and last night was an animal rescue.

Speaking of the storm/rain....our cable went out so we missed part of LOST..then it came back on in time to record the IDOL results show but then at 10pm....BAM...the power went out until midnight. The bad thing about the world we live in is that you can't go through a day and NOT find out the results of something. I know the final two but I still want to watch the show to see how they did it. The power BETTER not go out next week.

Started my Chiro "program" and yesterday they started my exercise routine. Kinda rough but I'm sure eventually it will get easier.

Trying to watch some recorded stuff off the list as our cable box got fried last night. It still works but they are going to take the box on Saturday so we have to watch as much as we can. Sad, I know.

I have some great deals to offer you so keep reading........til later.......

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