Saturday, May 2, 2009

And I was doing so well

I tried to be better but then the week got away from me. The end of the month is really busy for a SLAH consultant. That pretty much took up all my spare computer time. Lets see what you missed.

When last we spoke I was commenting on Adam. Then Wed. he almost went home. YIKES. Actually, as we have learned from Chris Daughtry--Jennifer Hudson.....etc, it is not the end of the world to go home early from Idol. We would miss the entertainment value. I know he is not everyones cup of tea but he amuses my DH and that makes him worth a million bucks in my book. You can't deny he can sing. Well, I guess you could but we find him entertaining and that's what us. We do like the rest of the top 4. We just like the eyeliner, nail polish wearing, slash voice singing straight/gay/bi boy. Should be interesting this next week when they do rock & Chris comes back to Idol.

I took a bunch of stuff to the Food Bank today. I realize I could never use all the stuff I get free/almost free. I love the rush of the deal but the bottom line is that it gives me a chance to give stuff to people that need it without breaking my budget. I tried to get more free razors today but apparently I came late to the party-knowing about the BOGO deal at Publix. I did manage to get a total of 4 packages and 2 rain checks for 16 more. I have a trunk full of Diabetic meters and will be passing them on to the food bank next week. When I dropped the stuff off today he verified that they can use them. Is it wrong to get them free and get $5 rebate on each one I bought today? I just call it, smart shopping with "a cause".

Wed. the boy and I joined DD for a viewing of a short film she and her Media class put together. Two friends of mine went too and we all really enjoyed the event. First they showed a film about the history of music by Black Americans in the Bay area. It was very interesting but the DD said it was boring because it wasn't her film..LOL. Today the DD had a byline in the local newspaper. She sent me a text about the article and I had to call my neighbor to get a copy. (we don't get both papers anymore and her article was in the one we don't subscribe to--of course) The article was about the recent USF graduation. It was exciting to see the DD's name in the paper as a by-line. Great Job J!!

I had a Dermatology appointment Thursday. I go every 6 months because of my history of skin cancer. This time she asked about a spot on my chest (actually between the "girls"). I told her I'd been watching it and wondered what she thought. She ended up removing it and sending it out to be tested. I'm trying not to be freaked out but it does scare me alittle because of it's location. It also made me a little angry at people that need to see a doctor and won't go. I lost 6 months with someone because I wanted them to get checked. I have someone now that is doing the same thing. Fear is not an excuse. Sticking your head in the sand will not make things go away. It could make things worse. If you have a lump/bump/spot/funny spot.........GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!

I am very excited to announce that I had a "baby" this week. Not an actual baby but someone that joined my SLAH team. She contacted me after seeing the $99 special and we talked all month until we convinced her hubby. LOL. She is very excited and I am so excited for her. She loves the products and it will be fun to help her earn TONS of free stuff for her home. If you are interested, let me know. They extended the $99 special. Click on my SLAH website and take a look at all the great stuff they are offering right now.

Did anyone watch Private Practice this week? WOW. I missed it the other night and my BFF C told me I had to watch it before Monday as she was busting to talk about it. We watched it this afternoon and I immediately had to call her. I won't give anything away but GOOD GRIEF. She didn't realize it was the Season Finale. ARG!!

Ok, Jenna....I've posted. Your turn. Love you and HATE the stupid people that continue to bug you. Just remember ---we love you!

Til later.................


Loretta said...

Ooh, a nice, LONG post today! Yay!

I do love Adam's voice...there are just some singers I can't bear to watch and he's one of them. I saw him on a video on Youtube singing "The Prayer" and it was nothing short of amazing. But I still want Danny to win, lol.

I agree with you 100% about getting things checked--and you know I speak from painful experience. I first found the lump in my breast months before I went to get it checked, because I'd had other lumps before that went away. I never should have let that one go so long. If I'd gone to the doctor when I first found it, I might have saved myself two chemo regimens, a mastectomy, 36 radiation treatments, years of pain from all the drugs, and now, a recurrence that puts me in the stage IV category and has me back in chemo again, being told I have maybe 2-3 years to live. Stupid! If something isn't "right", GET IT CHECKED!!

Your SIL

PS:Who's being mean to Jenna? Do I need to go sit on someone?

Jenn(ifer) said...

I am so glad that I will be getting insurance, FINALLY! There are a few things that I def. have to get checked out. Please keep us in the know about what the doctors say.

I was actually really upset to see Adam in the bottom 3. I really didnt' think he deserved to be there an dhonestly I wish Kris would just LEAVE! Ok, I said it. Matt could sing better than Kris IMO!