Thursday, May 21, 2009

AI wrap up & some thoughts

Another season has come to a close. In the event you are one of the few people on the planet that does NOT know who won, I will not share that information here. (read my rant below if you wonder why). I do have some thoughts I'd like to share:

David Cooks song for his brother.....RAW emotion, wonderful song.

All of the "Up with People" song and dance routines with the top 13.....ARG!!! Please stop.

Kris with Keith Urban.....Brillant! I hope the rumors about him following Carrie U to Nashville are true. He was so natural in that vein of music. Yes, I'm biased as a Country music fan. So??

Steve Martin, the Bird girl and the Oil driller......why?

Adam with KISS.......Love Adam but I beg you.....When your chest hair turns snow white, it is time to give up the V-spandex outfit. Gene Simmons, you have a long tongue. We know it is your trade mark. Please, STOP. At your age it is one phone call away from the authorities coming to investigate allegations.

Lionel Richie & Danny.....All night long! Love the duo.

Black eyed peas......why???

Tatiana...You won me $1000 (not really but it was a "bet" she'd be on and she was)

Bikini girl.....did they take your small amount of talent to pay for your new girls?? You used to be able to sing alittle. Last night you were out sung and Kara proved you should wear clothes. Nuff said.

The winner......Appropriate.

Thanks for another great season. I'll be trying to download some tunes if I'm not to late ASAP.

Til later..................


Jenn(ifer) said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so agree w/ Kiss! I was so disgusted by the tongue that I had to change the channel. It was just disgusting.

I didn't get the whole Steve Martin thing either. What was the purpose?

I was SHOCKED by the winner...but Happy too. He annoyed me but I think he deserved it too.

Kip said...

I loved KISS!!