Monday, May 18, 2009

Learned a new trade

I normally do not go to "Home parties". As a consultant for Southern Living at Home, I belong to several networking groups. Alot of people will say, "If you have a party for me-I'll have a party for you". Since I have a hard enough time getting my friends and family to come to my house for my own stuff...I don't want to ask them to come out for anything else.

At the networking meeting this past Wed., I met a woman that turned out to have a son with Special needs (my DAY job) and his nurse is a friend of mine. She taught herself to make jewelry and is now teaching others. She was having a "Jewelry making class" at her home on Sunday.

I went.

I made two pairs of earrings.

They look nice.

I've gotten compliments.

Since I've also gotten compliments on my hair & make up and all I did was NOT wash off yesterdays makeup and didn't wash my hair this morning......not so sure how to trust the people's judgement but.......

She also had a Tastefully Simple lady come and feed us at least 20 samples of her food stuff. I did something I also never do, I agreed to have a catalog party. If you know what TS is and are interested in anything, let me know. Orders go in Friday. $6.99 and they can direct ship anywhere in the USA.

No pressure. I want a bottle of Spinach dip spice. I'm not afraid to use other peoples money to get it. LOL.

Til later..........................

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