Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I wish I was some where celebrating with friends on this day off. Wish I could shake the hand of a solider and thank them for making our country free. Thanks to our brave soldiers I live in a country where I can bit&& about my day. In the grand scheme of things I really do not have it bad. I'm just tired of doing "computer work".

Yes, if I did things as they come in I wouldn't have to spend my weekend entering information.

Yes, I really have a rough life.

Let's review what I have done today:

I got a box ready to send to my youngest Grand Nephew for his B-day.

Got another box ready to send to my oldest Step son. Got him a hat. It's kind of a joke.

Got a card ready to send to my other Step son, with some stuffing's still to be added, for his B-day this week.

Put together 30 goodie bags for a charity function that I am supporting.

Pulled out the purse I have decided to start using. Have my stuff gathered to go through and get ready for the transfer to the new purse. Have a big accordion thing that I hope will hold all the crap that currently are filling up 4 smaller things. Hope that will make my new purse not such a mess.

Have gathered a ton of things that need labels so that I can hand them out at the vendor event I am supposed to take part in next weekend.

While I am sitting here with a ton o-crap surrounding me I am:

Wishing that I was on a beach, under an umbrella, with a large-cold drink, having a cool breeze blow over me as the waves lap at my feet.


that I could sleep for 10 hours and not feel guilty for wasting time.

Man, what a whinny baby.

How is your weekend going?

Til later.......................


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

How was my weekend?
Uh, great went to the beach with a cold one and the wind blowing over me as I watched my little man play in the surf. Man your life sucks :)

Jenn(ifer) said...

We got the package! I put up the bag but it split down the side and the wallet fell out. He's carrying it around as we speak! You couldn't have done better there as he was the only one of the three without a wallet, and he's been wanting one. I'm making him wait until next weekend to open the rest. Thanks :) We love you