Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Waiting on the weekend & some rants


Would you believe a co-worker just discovered that? This is the same woman that was CRYING yesterday because she found out she will get a 2% pay cut starting July 1st. While I appreciate that is a pisser, I not so kindly explained to her that it was difficult to be sympathetic when I make HALF what she makes. While I agree it is a poop to get a cut in pay to help the State budget, I suggest you not complain in front of people that WISH they had your problem. Making half what she makes and not having a husband that is able to work like hers....and apparently makes a NICE's kind of hard to listen to her woes. I agreed I'd be upset too, if I were in her shoes. I just recommend you show some sympathy for those around you that would love to be in her shoes.

American Idol finale tonight. Both deserve to win. We've been Adam fans since the begining but like Kris too. Once again, the "song writers song" Stunk up the place. Why do they do that to the contestants? On the night that they are fighting for the AI title....not a good time to give them a song that NO ONE could sing well. Simon said it best, Don't judge them on that song...judge them on the entire season.

DH FINALLY finished watching Greys. OMG!!!! I didn't get to watch it until last weekend and was forced to avoid most forms of media until then. WHY people post opinions and give away things when there could be people that haven't watched the show yet, drives me alittle batty. I try very hard NOT to disclose any spoilers in my posts. Not everyone can watch the show on the night it is on. That is why they invented DVRS and other people should be sensitive to that. In the event there are still people that haven't caught up I will just say.....OMG!!!!

Speaking of season finales, is it just me or was that a LAME finale to 24?

Watched an old CSI last night where Sara left the show. MAN...I miss Gil.

Rain. Glad we've been getting it but am really tired of the people that are still running their sprinklers...while it is RAINING. Seriously!! The only complaint I really have about all the rain is that the pond is rising dangerously high and soon the gators will have a straight shot to walk onto my front yard. Yikes!

Did I mention I'm going to a Chiropractor? He's trying to kill me. Not kidding. He says it's Tough Love. I'm paying him to hurt me? I think there is a name for that and I'm not crazy about it. LOL.

My Step sons B-day is coming up. Yikes. Got to get something in the mail.

Ok, is that enough of a ramble??

Til later...................

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