Saturday, June 27, 2009

What day is it?

Quick run down of the past week. You'll understand why I've been silent.

Monday.....Chiro appointment in the AM

Tuesday....Baseball game..between storms

Wednesday...Took the day off as the Boy had a appointment to check out his funky ankles. Apparently his ankles "Pronate" (stick out from his feet-on the inside), he is VERY flat footed and his toes turn inward as a result of the flat footedness. They said to try and buy shoes with arch supports but nothing else needed unless he starts having pain.


Thursday....Karate..learned about the death of two figures from my childhood/young adult life. Sad in so many ways.

Friday...........Chiro appt in am with a FREE MASSAGE. Sweet! They said they had a cancellation and were told to give it away to the first person in the door. Luckily I didn't sit in the car and read.

Game in pm...actually the first game of a JV tournament. It was STORMING all around the field but not at the game. Well, it was raining but not really storming. Well, it did start storming a little but they kept playing. What a dedicated mom, sitting in the POURING rain watching her son play. We won. two of the tournament. No rain when we got there. It started sprinkling but luckily my DH called and said my hairdresser had called looking for me. (they won)

???? I had the appointment as in July before my SLAH convention. Apparently we'd changed it to today. Arg. I called and confirmed the boys dad was on the way to his game and once he got there I left to get my hair done. Touch up on the color and a cut. Much shorter but not all the way short. Looks good, I think.

A little SOCKS shopping....really hard when your DH wears size 12 shoes.

For the rest of the afternoon I've been reading magazines, watching Nascar and playing on the computer. Home shows tonight.

How was your week??

Til later..............

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Loretta said...

Try shopping for socks for a WOMAN who wears size 12 shoes--ME. :(