Sunday, June 21, 2009

Games, Father's Day & birthdays

Remind me again why I'm sitting at the ball field in 110 degree temps?

Oh yeah, I love my son. Man, I MUST. It was hot as Satan's b-hind on Saturday. Even under an umbrella. Thankfully the coach spared us and only played one 7 inning game instead of 2-5 innings like usual. I am convinced I would have died.

I did sneak some pictures but never got around to loading them and forwarding them to the laptop. Must have been the heat stroke.

Father's day....what did you do today? My DS was at his dad's so the DH and I decided to take ourselves to see the "Body exhibit" at MOSI. In case you are reading this out of state, MOSI is our local really cool Museum of Science and Industry. They have been featuring one of the touring exhibits of the bodies that have been preserved and cut apart so you can see all of the "insides". We saw a different exhibit last year and really wanted to see this one before it left town next weekend. It was really cool. It included animals this time and I must confess the Full size..cut apart Camel was a little freaky. Funny, the people don't really bother me but the camel freaked me out and made me a little sick to my tummy.

We had reservations to see a IMAX movie and decided not to wait the two hours between the exhibit and showtime. Thanks to our membership we were able to leave and come back for the show. We ran to a local restaurant and while ordering our food, who should drive up at the window next to us but my Sister and Mother.

What are the odds? It is my Mother's Birthday (Happy BD again mom) and my sister and I had discussed taking her to dinner tomorrow night. My sister called this am to say she couldn't do it tomorrow because of a "obligation". We decided to try again another day.

Imagine ALL of our surprise when they showed up at the same restaurant we were having a quick bite. I ran outside to tell them that, YES..that is my car you see. LOL. We ended up changing tables so we could sit together.

Nice surprise.

We went back to MOSI for our movie. It was the DH's first time at an IMAX movie (I still think we'd been before but he says no). We saw a movie about Vincent Van Goeh. It was very interesting as they had someone narrating it like he was speaking to you about what was happening in his life as he painted. When he "Spoke" about his suicide, it was very sad. I was almost depressed when it was over.

On the way home, the two "college" kids called DH to wish him a Happy Father's day.

They are so sweet.

Hope you had a great day. My week ahead is even busier than normal. Ill try to keep in touch.

Til later.................

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