Sunday, June 14, 2009

I remember why I didn't encourage Baseball sooner

The LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG hours spent at the ball field.

As if I didn't have alot of free time to post before, now I am a Baseball MOM. We had a game on Tuesday that turned into a double header. That meant that we got to the field at 4pm, first game started at 5ish and then they played a second game. The boy finally got play time in the last inning of the 2nd game. He played Center field and held his own, I thought. He finally was supposed to get his turn at bat when his team came up. He was "ON DECK" when his team got their 3rd out. ARG!!!!

But wait............since this isn't an official league, the coach asked the umpire and other team to allow The boy to take his turn at bat. He ended up striking out but at least it wasn't three swings and a miss. He made it to a full count. Pretty good I thought. Considering it was pitch black dark by then (apparently we don't use lights in the summer), I thought it was a wonder he could see the ball at all.

When I told him that he said, "Mom, it's a big WHITE thing coming at you, of course you can see it!"

Excuse me Micky Mantle!

The rest of the week went by quickly and then it was time for their first "Away game". The other team apparently hasn't been told it isn't an official league. They had their kids at the field 2 hours ahead of time, treated the field like a pro ball park, CHARGED us to attend the game, and then made their players run laps..............after A DOUBLE HEADER. We were at the field from 9am till 2:45. YIKES. NO Shade. Thank goodness I had my umbrella and seat. I used sunscreen and still got tanned.

We got home just in time for the boy to shower and get ready for his Karate sleep over.

Then this morning, after I picked him up at 8am..he informs me that the guy who agreed to coach him in exchange for the boy giving his son, Karate tutoring, wanted to practice THIS MORNING.

The boy wasn't crazy about that thought but I bravely informed him that if he was serious about playing next year, he needed all the help he can get to catch up on the YEARS he didn't play. We met them and they spent 2 hours going over the fundamentals of hitting. It was a really good lesson and you could tell the boy got alot out of it. If only the kids could stop laughing long enough for the Karate tutoring session to be as successful.

SO, if you don't hear from me much-you can always find me at the ball field.

What a mom!!!

Til later........................

PS: I totally forgot to share THE BOYs final grades. A's & B's with a final year grade in Algebra of a B. wahooo! Restriction is a beautiful thing when used for the greater good.

No longer on restriction in case you were wondering.

PSS: At his Sports physical last weekend, he was officilly 5'6 1/2" and 134. WOW! He also had his first "Hernia check". Not his favorite.

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