Friday, June 19, 2009

The boy & girl

Short post about my amazing kids. They drive me crazy...the girl more so than the Boy (kidding J, you know I love ya) but they are basically great kids. I wanted to share a couple things I discovered yesterday about them.

Did you know my DD GRADUATES in May'10? ARG!!!! I knew that but yesterday I was talking to someone who's son starts her school in the fall. I said, "My DD will be a Junior this fall.". My DS who was nearby said, NO-she will be a Senior.

!! NO WAY.

I actually had to call her to confirm as I just couldn't rap my head around that. Not sure why but hey, that's me.


Now for my BOY story. You may want to get tissues.

I'll wait. as mentioned above, I met the step-mom of a school friend of the BOY yesterday (finally..we hadn't met yet and I was starting to worry that the BOY had done something to offend them as he hasn't been invited over lately) and before I could ask she says, "M is welcome here anytime. He is always so polite and well mannered when he is here, There are other boys that I really don't want hanging out over here but M isn't one of them. He can come over any time. As a matter of fact..............

(wait for it)

One day, she continues, he was here and when I asked him a question or called to him, he said...Yes Ma'am? MA'AM??? Says his friend. Yeah, said M. ....if I don't say YES MA'AM my mom will hit me upside the head."

Now before I get angry letters or someone reports me to child welfare, I wouldn't actually hit him upside the head but the fact that he thinks I will and therefore is Polite and respectful.....good!

I was so proud!!!

Til later.......................

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