Thursday, June 4, 2009


The boy mentioned the other day, as we were doing "outside" stuff together, that he wanted to try out for baseball when he starts High School in the fall. (ARG..I still can't believe that word..High School..not baseball)


He has mentioned interest in baseball before but so many things have gotten in the way, nothing has ever come of it.

Keep in mind, this is an INSIDE child that played t-ball (he claims actual baseball too but....) MANY years ago and nothing since.

Since he voiced interest and he is so much taller and thinner than he's ever been, I figured it was time to take his desire and run with it. I contacted his future High School, spoke with the Athletic Director and got the name of the baseball coach. A few phone calls later and he informed me that they were actually starting TODAY.

Today? I was thinking later in the summer. YIKES.

I told the boy what I had done and that he was starting right away. He grumbled alittle but I convinced him to at least give it a chance.
I have to tell you that there was nothing better than seeing my boy in a baseball uniform.

No pictures yet.

So far so good. He said it was FUN and he knew most of the JV age kids that were there.

Stay tuned.

Til later......................