Monday, September 29, 2008

Count down to the holidays

ARG!!! Seriously, how can it be so soon? I've been picking up things here and there so hope I'll be all set when the time comes. It's always so disturbing to see Halloween decorations next to Christmas stuff in SEPTEMBER!

What a great sports weekend. What an amazing BUCS game. Did anyone else cry each time Matt Bryant kicked a field goal and sent a kiss skyward?

RAYS in the Play offs!!! WOW

USF #10 in the rankings!

TV shows continuing to consume us, sad humans that we are. Since my last review we've watched:

WORST WEEK......Peed our pants laughing the entire 30 minutes. Not sure how they can keep that pace up but the first show was hysterical.

Desperate Housewives....DH was not crazy about the 5 year jump and wondered if it would go back to "normal". The very end proved that isn't going to happen yet-if ever. Won't reveal in case you have it taped.

Don't remember if I talked about Criminal Minds..really good as always.

Amazing Race started last night. The team we were rooting for already got eliminated so will have to find a new couple. What about the couple from TAMPA? I'm not sure what to think about them. Anyone know what "professional football team" the hubby played for? Does the wife scare anyone else?

New week..more new shows starting...have a ton of Networking events this week so it's really gonna be hard to watch everything.

Poor me you say? I know. Really rough life I have.

How was your weekend? BTW, if I start a fund to pay for three people to go to Italy in 2009 would you all contribute? I promise to take lots of pictures and depending on how much you contribute I may bring you back a trinket. Maybe I will put a "Pledge button" on my blog.

I kid!!

Til later...........

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Ok woman - is the 3rd person going to be ME???? Because if you go to Italy, you must stow me away in a suitcase. I have a passport! I can legally get in, lol.

Btw, I have beenso out of the loop on DHW. I missed all of last season, darn it! I don't know what happened but I just kept forgetting. Don't you watch October Road? I wonder if that will be back on because I REALLY like that show.