Monday, September 15, 2008

How much did you save this weekend?

I have so many coupons to cut out that I didn't go shopping this weekend. I did have a CVS-ECB that was expiring on Saturday so I stopped and got $12 worth of products for $3- OOP. It helps when you use three coupons worth $2-3 each. My Walgreens Register Rewards expire on the 21st so I need to figure out my shopping for this week. Since it's off-pay week..I figure I can always use it to buy staples like Milk, Eggs- etc.

Great weekend for Football! Our USF Bulls gave us a thrilling game on Friday night. What a spectacular ending. So exciting. Our Buccaneers won. The Rays split their series with the Yankees and tonight start their showdown with Boston. YIKES.

After two weeks of it sitting on the TV stand, we finally watched Atonement. I'd heard it was a tear jerker so was not in the frame of mind to cry before this weekend. I wasn't in the mood to cry then either but felt emotionally stronger to handle it. Turns out I didn't cry at all. It was a good movie but I got more Angry than Sad. Guess I've cried enough over lost chances/wasted time in the last few years that I'm better able to stand seeing it on screen.

I was supposed to get together with my peeps and crop on Saturday night. I couldn't bring myself to leave my house and my DH. Sorry girls....I'll see you soon at the Y fundraiser.

Ok, I've posted. Kip sent me a note saying I needed to update. Didn't really have much to say but when Kip sends you a must obey! HI KIPSTER!!!!!!

Speaking of things I need to do, I need to call my mother. I'm sure she has given up on me by now. I just haven't had the energy to do anything lately. I really need a long vacation with people waiting on me hand and foot. Maybe then I could get some spark back. Right now all I want to do is stay home and watch TV with my sweetheart. Ever feel like that?

Guess I'll check out the other Bloggers and see how the rest of the world is doing. Hopefully there will be good news from Ga. Love ya Jenna!

Til later.............


Jenn(ifer) said...

Atonement is one of my favorite movies, but it did make me extremely angry. I didn't cry about the animal getting shot, like Michele, because I'm not a big animal person. (Sorry if that makes me evil) I was SO angry that they weren't given the proper chance. I do think its a wonderfully written movie & I loved the look of it all.

I haven't been able to shop lately, but I do enjoy reading about all of your finds.

I wish I had good news. Nothing great to report from Ga.

Kip said...

So glad you updated!!!