Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Bunches

It's a hint of my next post.

No time right now so I'll have to leave you hanging.

Til later............

Ok...I decided to throw you a bone..LOL. Read my WALGREENS deals from today and it will warm you up for the official post.;

Diabetic meter $9.99
Manf. Q-$9.99 (I donate these to the Food Bank)

Scrubing Bubbles Shower Machine $19.99
Manf Q- $5
Rewards $10

Scrubbing Bubbles/Windex deal..Buy 7 get $10
Bought combo and used .75-$1 each Coupons on each item.

Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash $4.49
Rewards $4.49

Robitussin-$3.99 each
Buy 3 get $10 Rewards
Manf Q- $3 each x 3 boxes

Had rainchecks for 8 Glade Scented oil Units...BOGO
Used 8 Manf Q- BOGO=free (grand total of 16)

Had a little trouble with the Air Fresheners because I didn't give her the Rain checks until I gave her the coupons (who knew??) so she had to refund & re-ring them all. Then the machine spitting out the REWARD bucks ran out of paper or jammed. She called the manager over to fix it & he had to refund & re-ring all those items. While he was doing that I realized she hadn't given me the right credit on the Air fresheners and owed me $. YIKES.

Bottom Line:

Subtotal- $156.55
OOP on debit= $60.24 (tax 5.80)
Register Rewards $35.00
Cash back from screw up $20
September Rebate due on (free) Air fresheners) $4

So after all is said & done..OOP about $1

It took almost and hour between shopping and fixing the screw ups but when is the last time you made $150 in an hour? Never mind..maybe I don't want to know.


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