Friday, September 26, 2008

More TV talk & the weekend

OK, what is the verdict on GREYS??? My DH wasn't sure he was going to like the "new guy" (he's an actor from another one of his shows that was cancelled-still bitter) but by the end he had warmed up to him. Not sure about the RED hair but it seemed to get softer as the show went on. Interesting chemistry with Christina. THANK GOODNESS Rose wasn't really PG (do they still use that ??) and Mer & D can mess up their own relationship. LOL.

We have several shows to catch up on this weekend so we can start fresh next week. We also have a movie, "Dan in Real Life" that needs to go back to Netflix plus SPORTS so another jammed packed weekend ahead.

Side note....we are trying to let the boy cook us dinner on Thursday nights. It is amazing to me the things you take for granted that people know how to do. We were having "Brats" and I told him to get out the large sauce pan and put an inch of water in the bottom. OMG, that was a 10 minute comedy act. Telling you the whole story would take too long and would loose alot in the translation. Lets just say it was hysterical and eye opening. We did finally get our Brats and another Thursday is in the books. I really should start video taping his cooking skills. There is a You Tube "most watched video" waiting to be filmed.

Til later.............

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I really enjoyed "Dan in Real Life" which is now on cable, lol. Also, "The Jane Austen Book Club" was pretty good too!

I hope u have a nice weekend & I think its great that "m" is cooking.