Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New TV season & other thoughts

Happy Wed. Noticed I haven't updated and didn't want to get another note from KIP. The weekend was nice, quiet. DS was with his Dad in SC so we were sad and couldn't bring ourselves to do anything exciting.

Sort of.

Actually, as much as we did miss the boy (soooooooooo glad to see him yesterday) there was FOOTBALL & Racing to keep us busy.

Speaking of Football....did you catch the BUCS on Sunday? I confess I left the room to watch the EMMYS (don't get me started on that mess....I needed mindless background noise as I wrote checks and paid bills). DH came into the room and told me to come look. He'd saved the OT kick for me to see. YEAH!!! too!! Having been a Braves fan for over 20+ years and a Red Socks fan by birth, it is great to see our local team do good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to drive across the bay unless someone gives me free tickets but...I'm very happy for them!

USF...won but apparently not by as much as people thought they should? Maybe they just didn't want to hurt the poor other teams feelings. They were "Opening" their new stadium (I think) so they probably didn't want to B**ch slap them to much.

NEW TV.................Just a few weeks ago my DH was complaining about nothing on TV and we were out of recorded shows. Now we can barely keep up with all the new stuff.

Get a life you say?

True that but....we do enjoy our little black box.

I mentioned FRINGE a couple weeks ago. Anyone jump on the bandwagon yet besides my niece? We DVR'd it last night because we wanted to check out the new show, "The Mentalist". As HUGE fans of PSYCH on another network my DH was feeling the new show was a rip off of his beloved Shawn & Gus. His verdict after watching last night, he liked it.

Don't tell anyone as we seem to have the effect of killing shows we like.

Don't even mention Studio 60 on the Sunset strip to my DH. He is still angry about that show going off the air. If you really want to piss him off, remind him that the other "60" show is still on & winning all sorts of Emmys. It wouldn't be pretty. (I know the show actually has a 30 in it-I was referring to it being about a tv show like Studio 60 was)

House is back and better than ever. We miss Wilson but enjoyed the new character last night, the Private eye. Could be an interesting side kick for Gregory.

Prison Break...still loving that show but good grief, give the guys a break.

Old Christine comes back on tonight. Love that.

Waiting impatiently for CSI Vegas & Ghost Whisperer. Thankfully we were really behind in watching the last season shows and just caught up last week. makes the time go really quickly when you do that..not as long to wait for the new season.

HEROS..............WOW...did you watch the preshow & then the 2 hour premier this week? SUPER DUPER. LOVE that show but really didn't like the professors skin pealing off. Could have done without seeing that.

Did I miss anything? What are you watching or waiting for?

Guess that's enough or now. Still saving money and doing the coupon thing. It really paid off last week as we were able to help out a loved one with a boat load of stuff.

Getting ready to be a vendor for several events. Need to print off some flyers and get my door prizes pulled together.

Till later............


Nicole said...

Oh, Oh, Oh. Don't forget Pushing Daisies starts on Wednesday Oct 1st! 8 PM. Glad your shows are keeping you busy


Denise said...

I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy tonite (it's after 1, so tonite)!!!

I LOVED Heroes too..

Jenn(ifer) said...

II'm happy to have Lipstick Jungle & Gossip Girls back. I mainly watch other shows on TLC, Discovery, and Travel -- so I'm SO happy to see Andrew Zimmern back on Bizarre Foods & Jon & Kate of course.

Kip said...

Yay, Cheryl blogged again! I watched the first few minutes of the Mentalist but have it on tivo. I hate that Wilson is gone, I loved him! Like you, the tivo is working overtime this week.

shekinahhvac said...

I am a little late here, but I have been realing liking Fringe, it's interesting.