Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend flew and I didn't post

Sorry. Really not alot happened. Spent three fabulous days off, with my DH. Watched alot of TV, clipped coupons, read the paper, saved some money. If you aren't interested in my LONG story about Air Fresheners & Pop Tarts-feel free to tune out now.

BTW..apparently my family tree is more interesting than I thought. If you want details skip over to my sister Michele's blog and scroll down to the story about SALEM. I've been called a Witch before and now it makes even more sense..LOL.

So as I was saying:

I hit Walgreens Friday night and was only able to get 2 packs of
the Glade Air Fresheners that were BOGO, had a BOGO coupon (they
took it) and it counts towards the September Rebates.

Saturday I went to Publix and they had the Glade Scented Oil refills-
Double packs on BOGO. I had tons of BOGO coupons so I bought a total
of 12 (all free). Bought a few other things and my total OOP was $5
with a savings of $77 (the cashier was impressed!)

Next I went to Walnmart and discovered packs of Glade Scented Oil
Refills with a free Warmer attached for $3.89. I had 7 coupons for
$4 off and I had BOGO coupons. Another 14 packs of Air Fresheners
added to my stash! Bought more stuff and used coupons on most.
Total OOP- about $30 with a subtotal before coupons of $88.

I then went to the McDonalds in the store..got my last two FREE
Chicken Sandwiches and was lucky enough to get their Iced Teas
on "Happy Hour" for $1. I ended up giving several people in line
coupons for the free sandwich as I knew I wouldn't use them before
they expired.

I also scored another issue of the Aug ALL YOU with the FREE food.
Sweet! (BTW..it is not to late to get in on the ALL YOU subscription I'll be placing the end of this week...24 issues for $21.35)

If you are still reading, I have to tell you my POP TART tale from today. Target has an ad this week that when you buy 4 packages of the 12 pack of POP TARTS (or other foods I can't remember) you would get a $5 target gift card. We went to Target today and was shocked to see some boxes still on the shelves. I ended up getting 12 boxes....4/$8.96..used $1/2 coupons times 2 for each set....OOP $20.88 and got $15 in Target gift cards. SUPER SCORE!!!

Yes, we eat alot of Pop Tarts. They will not go to waste.

What deals did you find this weekend?

Til later................

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Jenn(ifer) said...

ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed w/ smell good things lol. The only stuff I have really bought and made GREAT savings on are cleaning items & smell good products. I'm addicted to the OUST candle in Outdoor Fresh & any Clean Linen or Angel Whisper Glad products. We may not have toliet paper, but we have Oust! LoL That is so neat about all your deals. Poptarts do not last long in our house either -- BOYS!
So glad to see a POST!!!