Friday, August 8, 2008

Scrapyard Crop here we come

Ready or not! As usual, I have not begun packing for this weekend. I have a tote full of stuff from the last crop so I figure I'm sort of packed...I just have to throw a ton more stuff into another tote, grab some clothes and I'm set. What I don't have, my sister or one of the other 38 women will certainly have with them. Right?

Thought I'd share a DUH moment I had when reading a "savings" blog..

Bubble Bath.
Soap is soap, right? So I buy the largest bubble bath I can find at the dollar store and use that to refill my liquid soap dispensers. For $1 I can usually get a 40 oz bottle. (

What do you think about that? Has anyone tried it? I confess to putting the little soap slivers in my hand soap dispensers. It doesn't work great. I may have to try the Bubble Bath idea.

I'm adding a couple more blogs to my "Savings" side bar. Hope they are helpful.

Til later............

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Jules said...

Have a great time at the crop and congrats on your CVS interview!