Thursday, August 7, 2008

Few things to share

Thought I'd share a few of my latest shopping deals and a surprise email I got last week.

Last nights deals:

10 boxes of PopTarts
BOGO plus 2 coupons

4 bags of Bic Mechanical pencils
on sale 3/3- used 2-$1/2 coupons

Bananas & Mini Donuts for my DH

OOP- $15.00 (exactly)
Savings approx $15
PLUS thanks to my buddy Cari..$10 rebate from Kelloggs

4 bottles of Pert Plus
BOGO plus 2-$3 coupons

Bic White out Pen
Bic White out roller
Both with Bonus pens in pack$1 off 2 coupon

CVS Sunless Tanning lotion
clearance to $1Had $1 off CVS Sunscreen products

Used $2 off $10

OOP $1.62
Plus $5 rebate due from Pert/School supplies offer


I found the following email in my "inbox" last week:

Congratulations! By posting your picture on the Shutterfly photo map, you've been randomly selected as a winner in the Shutterfly Hit the Road Sweepstakes.
You've won a $50 Shutterfly GiftCard.

WOWZA!!!! Double sweet.

What kind of deals have you found lately? Do you have any favorite sites for coupons/deals/savings tips?

MUST get those bags out of my car and ready for the big Cropping/Girls weekend. Looks like another busy night ahead!

Till later.....................

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Michele L from Tampa said...

are u going to change your scrap room into a storage room lol