Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More new sites added

I added a few more sites to my list of "Money saving" blogs. I've become addicted to the coupons/CVS/Walgreens deals. You know it's bad when you are afraid to bring the bags into the house and your car is FULL! I didn't spend much on all the stuff but it looks like a TON and we have no place to put all of it. LOL. I need to pick up some boxes to store it all in so I can get rid of the bags that are piled up in my closet....not counting the stuff I just mentioned that is hiding in my car. At least I have about $40-50 in ECB, not to mention enough "staples" to last awhile. Don't laugh...remember the Toilet Paper story?

I MUST update you all soon...I've just been to busy and now am getting ready for the famous Scrapyard Crop. 2 days of cropping and silly girl stuff. Can't wait. I finally told DH that I'm going. Didn't want him missing me before he really had to.

Til later............


Anonymous said...

I've missed your posts. Wish I were attending the crop! I'm sure it'll be a total blast! Enjoy!!!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Goodness Gracious! You're out of space and still have that much ECB to use!? Dang, you are going to need a shed in the back.