Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How many people are in YOUR office today?

Late yesterday they announced that some people could stay home today thanks to the "Hurricane" that is headed our way.

Unfortunately, I was not one of those people. Well actually, I was given the choice to stay home and take a vacation day or come to work. I didn't want to give up a vacation day so here I sit.

Hey, I didn't say I was going to WORK. I'm here, that's all they required. There are approximately 10-15 people out of 90 in the office. Nice and quiet. I may leave later today before the "Big rain" starts.

Hope everyone is safe and dry.

Don't forget...............BIG DAY tomorrow.

You could take advantage of your day off to go shopping for my Birthday gift.


I'm not kidding.

Til later......................

1 comment:

Jenn(ifer) said...

Looks like we'll miss most of the rain & its going to hit East of us. I'm glad because I hate bad weather.