Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Official

I'm 50.


How did that happen?

I'm actually 17 with 33 years of experience.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

A friend of mine's 5 year old daughter told me yesterday that I had "White Hair" like her mom.

I immediately made a call to my hairdresser and she worked me in last night. Hair cut, color & waxed off all the eyebrow caterpillars and mouth fuzz. Made me feel better.

Thanks Nia for the "wakeup call".

Til later..................


Nicole said...

Your how old???
yeah, WTH!

(you don't look near that)
The best is yet to come

Loretta said...

Happy birthday, SIL! At least you didn't get what I got for MY 50th birthday...

Age is's all about how you feel inside. You're still that same beautiful 15-year-old that my brother introduced to me on my wedding day, lo, these many years ago. :-) Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Lisa D :) said...

Hope you're having a GREAT day Cheryl. You deserve the best! And, I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday miss Embellishment queen... or Ms Trump towers... or...
The cake looks YUMMY!
THERE's NO way you could be a day over 31!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Oh wow that cake looks yuUHHHmmmmy!! I hope it was good & I hope you had a big piece for me.