Monday, June 30, 2008

Count down to stitch removal

Yes, I'm still alive. Been busy all weekend getting ready to say good bye to the boy and ending my SLAH month. (NOT to late to get your $75 or contact me ASAP as the order is going in tonight-Monday) In the morning I will be placing the first of my SALE orders.

Took the boy to the movies on Saturday night so we could have some quality time before he goes to his Dads for July. We are really going to miss the lad. I usually pretend he is "Out of state" and just call him instead of seeing him at all. I figure it's his time with his dad and I don't want to interfere. This month I may have to break that and take him to dinner a couple times. Not sure I can go an entire 30 days without seeing his adorable face.

Anyway......he selected "Get Smart" as our movie. OMG. NOT a good movie to go to if you are not supposed to smile, laugh, stretch your face. I laughed my face off. I will probably have a scar now and it will be Steve Carells fault. If you saw the original show you will see stuff they snuck in just for those fans. Even if you've never seen the show, I think you will enjoy it. My DS laughed till he cried a few times. A few things that little kids shouldn't hear but no nudity, well alittle piece of flesh but nothing frontal.

Went back to K-mart on Friday after my eye appointment and tried to shop with dilated eyes. FUN! They had the Clearance stuff....40% off. I got some stuff and told the check out girl that if it was smaller than ****** size to let me know cause I couldn't really see the little numbers well. LOL. I actually got a pair of Jeans for .90 and a sweatshirt/hoodie for .90. The jeans are to small but for 90 cents...I'll get in them one day!!

Speaking of my eye exam....the eye doctor mentioned I have a "Freckle" in my eye above my Optic Nerve. ???????????????? He said it is not in his notes from last year so he wants me back in 3 months to check on it. GOOD GRIEF!!! Am I gonna make it to 50????

Hope you had a super weekend. I got together with some of my Scrapyard gals on Friday night. Couldn't see to crop so just hung out for a little while. BIG MISTAKE. Did I mention I'm not supposed to laugh or smile? NO CAN DO around that gang! I've been really doomed with the not smiling or laughing. I do it a million times a day. I'll be glad when the restriction is lifted, officially! Not to mention I really miss Kissing my DH...

OK, enough about me, how are you all?? Jenna....are you feeling better? Test results back on Dyl???

Til later..................


Jenn(ifer) said...

Tyler really wants to see "Get Smart", is it appropriate for a 9 year old? He likes Steve Carrell since Evan Almighty.

I went to K-Mart - 70% off sale. I got the kids some pj's for $3! I was so happy. I didn't find much else, but our K-Mart is less appealing then most, Im sure

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