Sunday, June 8, 2008

Photo frenzy**EDITED

Here are the pictures I've been promising you. I still do not have a picture of DD's hair but I have a Before of us and an after of me..taken by my DS.

First is a little enabling. I read a tip on GINA's site for easy paper piercing for cards and scrapbook pages. She showed little Grid shapes that she is selling in her store. I LOVE her site and loved the idea but realized they looked alot like the Plastic Canvas that crafters use. The next time I went to JoAnns I picked up one of each shape. I'm not sure how much she is selling them for but these were .59 each and will work just as well. I'll try and post a picture after I use them on a card. Here is a picture of the items on GINA'S website. They look alike to me. She is charging $1.49 for the 3. Not bad, basically what I paid in JoAnns. If you are ordering from her I'd go ahead and add them. Otherwise they are Plastic Canvas in the needlepoint department.

Speaking of enabling, I recently got some new acrylic stamps from JoAnn's that were really funny characters and sayings. They will make adorable cards. Today, while at Micheal's, I found the next set of their stamps..they have a "stamp" for each month plus some new alphabets/numbers. I need to call and let my friend DW know as she is usually our connection at Mike's. I got distracted by my mission to find DH's gift and then got home and busy visiting the boy. Sorry D.

Next is a late view of the Mother's Day card I made for my mom. I used the "Threading Water" punch everyone was searching for. I laced ribbon through the holes, punched out a scallop square, inked it up, added some Pearls from the Target Dollar spot and was pleased with the results.

The next set of pictures are the greeting cards I made while at the ScrapYard retreat

A picture of DS getting his Blue Belt!!!

Not crazy about how I look in this picture but it makes a great BEFORE shot. LOL. You can't tell how long my DD's hair is but she looks adorable so forgive my side of things...You can kind of see my boo-boo on my face.

Here is the AFTER shot, taken this afternoon by my DS. I think I over lightened the shot but you get the idea..I even have Make up on because I'd gone outside today and was trying to promote myself and SL@H so didn't want to scare people.

So, there you have some belated pictures. What did you do this weekend? You can't tell from the After picture but I cleaned out the scrapbooking room again...I took everything out of the closet and put it into the boys room...rearranged most of the stuff in the closet and on the shelves in the room, put things back more effectively and got everything cleaned up off the floor. You know it's been a mess for awhile when both of your men make the same comment when seeing the completed project..."There is carpet in this room". Funny!

I'm pooped and it's time to start another week. Picked up DH's father's day gift today..need to make two cards and get one in the mail. Maybe tomorrow.

Till later........


Kip said...

Like your hair! And you are the card queen kiddo!!

Denise said...

No worries.. I picked up my own set of Series 12 yesterday when dd and I were there shopping their kick butt sale... :)

Hair looks pretty! Look forward to seeing J's too.

Love your cards, always do.. you rock...

Jules said...

Great haircut and your cards are very cute!

Michele L from Tampa said...

cool cards. love the hair, mine needs a serious cutting - cant wait to really see Jessica's. what area were those shape things in? over near the cross stitch?

love ya