Friday, June 13, 2008

Count down has begun

From now until the end of the month my life will be on the fast track. Let's Pre-Cap:

Saturday: Vendor for a Fundrasing event
Sunday: Father's Day
Monday: PT/Lab Work
Tuesday: Farewell Party for another Nurse that is leaving us..>ARG!!!!
Wednesday: MUST PACK
Thursday: Leave for Nashville
Friday-Sunday: Convention
Monday: PT/See how bad my desk looks after two days off
Tuesday: Surgery
Wednesday: PT/Follow up with surgeon & Scoop Night (SL@H party to recap Convention)
Thursday: Yearly exam (ugh!)
Friday: Yearly Eye Exam & monthly Crop or SL@H party
Sat-Sunday: Hopefully Parties/Farewell to the boy for July

So my friends & family, if I don't post much for the next few weeks you will know why.

I had lunch with the girl yesterday and her hair is STINKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get a picture yet. SORRY. Maybe if she comes over on Sunday I can get one.

So, what you doing??? Time is running out on the FREE $75. I nag because I don't want you to miss out and to be quite honest....I need some more orders to get some free stuff for me. Come on, it's a win-win situation.

Til later................


Michele L from Tampa said...

damn looked for a pix of jess! nashville? witch! love ya

Denise said...

Definitely a busy month for you. Enjoy your conference, take lots of pics!

Hope to make the end of the month crop.

Hugs.. Have a great weekend!

Kip said...

Sounds like you'll be a tad busy lady! When are you going to learn to always carry your camera!!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Going to Nashville??? Josh will be in Nashville on the 21st! ((You driving through...gonna stop and see your neice???))

No luck yet for me... still holding hope though