Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where to start?

Warning, you may need coffee and a potty break to get through this post...

Friday, small group of friends met at the community club house to crop. I had to run back and forth with the Karate kid so got there until late. By the time I arrived the DH of my buddy NC had decided he couldn't handle watching their new born cutie so he'd dropped him off with mom. Our other dear friend DW took over and had him full and happy in no time. We really didn't get alot done and weren't sure the alarm had been reset so closed up early and I was home and in bed by 11pm.

Saturday, SL@H party in St. Petersburg. Really cute house, really sweet Hostess, nice turn out, almost $1000 party. Sweet!!

After the party I made a couple of deliveries and then headed home to enter the party as it was the LAST DAY of the month and had to be completed before Midnight. It was down to the wire but we made it.

Sunday was a quiet day. Sunday Morning show....read both papers...watched some Nascar...cooked an actual meal (shocked everyone) and had a quiet evening.

Monday/yesterday was my Dear Niece in Ga's littlest boys 4th birthday. They had a big party for him and one of his brothers (his birthday was in May)that my sister and her son drove up for. The pictures are adorable and it looks like everyone had a great time. Hated that I missed another visit with the Ty Ty gang. HI JENNA!!!!

Had my dr. appointment with the Plastic Surgeon and my surgery is scheduled for June 24th. I wanted to wait until after my SL@H convention and they said it would be Ok to wait that long. Not looking forward to that whole ordeal but at least we know it is the "best cancer" to have if you have to have any. The office has promised they will not release me from care until we are both satisfied with the results. My DH said he loves me no matter what I look like so that's all that matters. I'm going to do a Public Service Announcement with visual aids soon. In the mean time...GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST and get checked out. You never know.

After the appointment I wasn't ready to go to work so I called and asked for some time off to run errands. I needed to retrieve my DH's watch from the jewelry store WAY ACROSS town. I drove over and when I arrived I asked the sales lady to clean my rings while I was there. She checked them too and discovered some of my stones were loose. She had to keep my wedding band. ARG!!! I'm glad they caught it before anything happened to it but now I have to go ALL THE WAY back out there. With gas prices as they are I hate making extra trips. My sister works near the store but this week she is at her office NEAR MY HOUSE....arg!

My DD stopped by the office and we sat in the lunchroom for a change. We were having a discussion with a couple other gals and we got to laughing so hard that I spewed coffee OUT OF MY NOSE! Good grief. Can't take me anywhere.

On a brighter note, she found out that she passed a test she needed to pass before she could register for her fall classes. Out of 20 kids that took the test only 4 passed. WTG DD!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of DD, while she was visiting me, we were discussing her hair appointment that evening and mine on Wed. She was trying to talk me into cutting my hair short because she wanted to cut hers but was afraid to. Well she called me after her appointment and was FREAKING OUT that she had cut her mid-back length hair to her Chin. WOW! She said she would send me a picture but I haven't received it yet. Hope she didn't try and send it to my cell phone because I canceled that service. Discovered it cost me $8 when someone sent a picture. ARG! I have email...send it there. I'll share when/if I get a pic. I'm sure it looks adorable. How could it not? Now to decide what to do with my hair. I was joking that I should get a style that will cover my face as it is healing but that would drive my DH crazy. He doesn't like hair styles where things are hanging in your eyes/face. We'll see.

Last night I spent most of the evening spreading the word about the $75 in FREE PRODUCTS I told you about yesterday. What a deal!!!!

Guess that brings you up to date. I have many more doctors appointments, a visit to the Orthopedic doc that may result in shoulder surgery for me and a list of yearly appointments that are scheduled in the next 30 days. I just got word that my employer is changing the insurance plans for the next year, starting in July, so I'm a little concerned that it will screw up my follow ups with the plastic surgeon, etc. Guess we'll cross that bridge and all the others as we come to it.

Whew..I'm exhausted and I'm sure you are bored so I will say....

Til later...........

UPDATE>>>>>>WED. ....I went to the Ortho dr this morning and he determined that I DO NOT need surgery! Yeah. He gave me a Cortizone shot (OUCH) and referred me to PT for 4 weeks. Said something is inflamed but doesn't appear to have any damage. I have a follow up in 6 weeks so we'll see how it goes then.


Michele L from Tampa said...

wow i would like to see her hair. what test was that she had to pass? glad she did. is she taking any summer courses? cody is cause he wants to it is only offered this summer not this fall

Anonymous said...

congrats to your dd on passing her test! And, yay for you-- that you don't have to have shoulder surgery. Good too that you've got the other surgery scheduled...I'm sure all will be fine. So much going on! When does your ds finish up school for the year? How was his final quarter?

Jenn(ifer) said...

yay to Jess! I'm glad she passed her test & WTG for cutting her hair. I bet its super cute.

I can't believe I didn't know before now that you have to have surgery & that it was in fact cancerous. How did I miss this? So, what exactly ARE they doing???

Stacy said...

Hope the PT goes well. Good luck with everything else. I hope to see you all soon. I hate that I had to miss last week and I really need to go on the retreat next year. The pictures were great!

Kip said...

I'm confused...you have cancer? Since when?????