Monday, June 16, 2008

Short Hello**EDITED to add pictures

Saturdays vendor event was fun. Did a little stamping and coloring while I was sitting at my booth. Met some nice ladies. Did a lot of marketing as my DH would say. One small order but hoping for more. Home by 7pm. Had some late night pizza & wings that were nasty. Called and complained (of course, so will get free ones on the next visit)

Sunday, Father's Day. My DS went to his Dad's. They were supposed to go to the RAYS game but for some reason they did not. Not sure why. DH decided to be a very big man and called DS's father and told him to keep him over night since it was Father's Day and even though it was our weekend, he was/is his Dad. Went and got his Free wings and more Chirro's since they were HARD as rocks the night before. Free food. YEAH. Spent the rest of the day updating my Newsletter subscription list and surfing the net. Ended up having a storm that knocked out our power for an hour. That meant that we missed the end of the race (ARGGGGGGG. I found out who won and am really bummed that we missed it. Hopefully it didn't get knocked off the recording due to the storm. I'd like to see it) After the power came back on and we finally got the cable TV reset, watched alittle Design Star and then fell asleep.

Up at the crack of dawn for a 7am PT appointment and then Part 1 of my yearly physical which included Blood work. Jenna..even after drinking a HUGE glass of water they had to stick me twice to get any blood. They had me do a breathing test and I didn't do so well. I don't smoke but couldn't even blow for as long as they needed me to. Guess being full of hot air doesn't mean you can blow it out! LOL. I apologized to the Dr. and said I've always been a shallow breather. Not sure why. That's why I could never become a famous singer.

Yep, that's the reason.

Starting to get really excited, nervous about my trip. I picked up a few things on Clearance at K-Mart yesterday. They had PJ's for $1.50 and a couple pairs of Capri's for $2. Not really my usual style but for the price they will do. ******I went back tonight (Monday) and found a pair of dress slacks regularly $21.99 for $2.50 and a nice shirt for $8.00****

BTW, if you weren't at the crop on Saturday, here is a picture of a special guest you missed...

til later...........

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Ick! I'm sorry. At least it was only 2 sticks and not 6. GOOD deals at KMart! I wish I could find $2 capris! Woohoo I hope you have a good trip. I wish I was goin w/ Josh to Nashville, so that maybe we could meet up with you :(