Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anyone out there?

I can't believe I haven't updated since Monday. Hope everyone is doing ok. I've been keeping up on my blogging peeps but haven't had the energy to post myself. Here is a quick update.

Got my stitches out on Wed. The doctor and his staff seemed pleased but we won't know how it looks for another few days. They put superglue like stuff over the incision and then put steri strips over that. They said the strips should fall off in about a week. I have a follow up in 6 weeks to see what we need to do at that point, depending on how the scar looks.

Spent a nice quiet Friday. Did a little food shopping and then my DH and I went to the movies to see Hancock. It was good but not what we expected. I try not to read reviews as I HATE when people give away the plot or secrets to a movie or show. I won't do it here either. If you are a Will Smith fan you will enjoy the movie.

We purposely went to the movie when we figured everyone else would be at the firework shows. The movie got over sooner than we figured so we decided to try and find a place to see a "show". I ended up parking in the rear of a CVS and watching a local fireworks show.

Stayed in bed this morning and watched a Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon. Spending the rest of the day with my DH and catching up on web stuff. Going to watch Nascar in a little while. The best thing is that I still have another day off.

How was your fourth?

Til later................


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Jon & Kate + 8?
Glad the stitches came out and it went well...
We're enjoying the long weekend here and had a nice Fourth with family.

Michele L from Tampa said...

bout darn time you updated :) love ya

Nicole said...

I was wondering if you were alive, glad to hear you are healing well


Jenn(ifer) said...

Dylan will sit with me and watch Jon & Kate for HOURS! He says he wants 6 kids, because he LOVES children, so he absolutly adores that show. I do too! Those kids are precious.

I have been like you -- not up to updating even though I have TONS to update about. I may need to do my blog in parts this go! lol

Love ya

Kip said...

Glad your stitches are doing okay and hopefully, no scarring. I love John and Kate too, wish I knew there was a marathon as I would have watched too!