Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Always keeping it real

In my efforts to keep it real while not revealing to much of my life...I got my Mammogram yesterday. FUN! Actually, it wasn't as bad as in years past. I questioned the tech about the fact that she didn't sqwish the girls to a pancake and she said the new machine do it digitally and do not need to squeeze as much. Good to know. If you have been avoiding your check up because of your "painful" memories of times past, call your local facility and see what kind of machine they use. If you are local to me and need a referral to my place, email me and I'll share.

I've rented several movies recently and have a good one to recommend...."Untraceable" with Diane Lane & Colin Hanks. It is about FBI agents that are trying to find and stop an "internet killer". The guy hooks up his victims and sends a live feed out over the internet. The more people that click on the site, the faster his victims die. REALLY good. I spent half my time with my eyes closed but that is because I am a really big wimp and do not like scary/bloody stuff. My DH remarked after the movie that he would pay $100 each time we watched a movie if he could get as emotionally invested in the film as I do. LOL. I told him that the movie people spend alot of money to make the movie and the least I can do is "believe & feel" what ever it is they are trying to portray. We watched the "special features" after the film and one of the directors/producers said he hoped the movie goers would watch part of the film "Through their fingers". I said to my DH....."SEE, I made the man happy!"

I'm really excited because I got an email that my SLAH Sale stuff is on it's way!!!! Alot of the items sold out on the first day so I'm very excited that I got the stuff I wanted. If you missed out........sorry!!!!! There are still a few things left. You can check out my website and click on the Sale Flyer. They were updating it to show the stuff that is sold out. If you have any questions, contact me directly and I'll see what I can do.*****LISA....I'll get your stuff in the mail ASAP after they arrive at my house. We were really lucky as the Baskets sold out QUICK!******

I'm working on a big SNEAK PEEK of the new SHAH products being released in August. I want to have an "OPEN HOUSE" style reveal. Stay tuned for details.

CHA is this week. Is there anything you are looking forward to hearing about? I know there are many new Nestabilities coming out. My wallet can't afford them all! My style has never depended on the "Latest" paper/trends so I don't have to worry about that. I love the new gadgets but will have to pace myself. Goodness knows I have three items at my house right now that are still in the SEALED packaging because I haven't had time to open and use them. Besides, I know my BFF-D will get everything and I can play with them when we get together! ya gal!!

Still owe ya pictures of the "wild cards" from Saturday. I haven't forgotten.

Til later............


Jenn(ifer) said...

I really liked Untraceable, but I was like you, watching it through my fingers. There were some pretty groddy parts, lol. I am a Diane Lane fan though, if only I could age as well as she is... ahhh!

Anonymous said...

I am SO HAPPY that I got the baskets!!! Yay! I'd totally forgotten about them, what with all that's going on with job stuff with my life right now. I can't wait to see it, but no rush on shipping...whenever you get the chance is fine, don't stress about it.
I'm glad you went for your mammo. Something I've been putting off for a few months now. I was always so faithfully going every year, for many years, but my insurance is horrible and I was thinking I should wait till I'm employed and have other benefits. It is at the very top of my list of "things to do when I have good insurance".

Anonymous said...

Oh and Jennifer, I have to agree with you on Diane Lane...omg, she's my age and looks sooooo much better on her worst day that I ever look on my best day! Then again, I remember her back as a teen in Glamour magazine and thinking then "I wish I looked like that!" so I guess I shouldn't compare, eh? Funny the things you remember from being a kid!

Denise said...

Glad to hear the girls didn't get squished flat this year. lol

Definitely have to get Untraceable from Blockbuster soon. Thanks for the great review!

Sorry girl.. If you wait on me to have the latest and greatest, going to be CHA 2012. I am on a money conservation track nowadays. I can drool with ya tho. :)

Melissa said...

thanks for the reminder.. I do need to get the girls checked out.

As for the movie, I'm glad you mentioned it... we just got it in the mail this week from Netflix and I've not watched it yet, so I have something to look forward to this evening! Yea!