Friday, July 25, 2008

Savings & SLAH

I've re-jumped onto the Savings bandwagon this past month. Thankfully I have sites that I visit that do most of the work for me, finding the deals/coupons/rebates etc. I just went back through my information and discovered the following:

Out of Pocket since July 1st
plus $100.84 for a Winn Dixie trip that had meat on the bill

plus $44.23 from the same Winn Dixie trip


I will not need Toothpaste/shampoo/conditioner/razors/air fresheners/dish washer detergent/Furniture polish-dusters....for awhile. I also have rebates for several items coming to increase my "savings" total.


I'm having an Southern Living at Home-Open House this weekend and next to showcase the new Fall Catalog. If anyone is local and interested, email me for details.

Take a look at my website for a sneak peek at the Fall items. They are spectacular. August Hostesses get DOUBLE Hostess dollars so if you are local or want to do a catalog show, email me ASAP. Nothing better than getting beautiful things for yourself or for gifts for FREE!!


We are expecting company this weekend so it should be a wild time for the next little while. If you don't see me for a few days you will understand why.

Hope everyone is doing OK. I'm alittle behind in my reading but see that PW & Tricia are having a rough time right now. Check out their blogs to the left & catch up. Prayers (especially for Tricia) would be great. your mother! I need to schedule time with you. LOL.

til later........................

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