Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's tough

I know I haven't been blogging. It's tough to blog when you are having issues you can't discuss. I'm such a "Sharing" person that I tend to tell everything that is on my mind or going on in my life. My DH is a VERY private person. He is teaching me that you don't have to let people know everything. That is hard for me. I've been struggling with that this week. Nothing is really wrong, just family stuff that has been going on since time began. Sometimes it gets me down. It upsets me that no one really has a Norman Rockwell life. I've decided that if it's ok, when I get to Heaven and meet him, I'm going to give him a big punch on the arm. His Darn paintings sure make it hard for the rest of us to live up to the images he drew.

Anyway...........My sterri-strips are still hanging in there. I've been stubborn about not taking them off. The doctor said they would eventually fall that's what I'm going to let them do. I'm really curious to see what the "area" looks like but I'm afraid too.

It's been so quiet around the house without the boy. He really doesn't make alot of noise but it's still been "quiet". We've been taking advantage of his absence by snuggling on the couch more than usual. He always gets to grossed out when we snuggle...LOL!!

Had a SLAH party scheduled for Saturday night, actually a re-schedule, that just "postponed" again! ARG!! I was really looking forward to getting together with some gals and sharing the new products I will be getting this week. Shucks!

I've been spending alot of time going through "Freebie" sites. There are MANY blogs that have great money saving ideas. They have much more time on their hands than I do so I just take advantage of the deals they find. I've signed up for a TON of free on your birthday stuff...ordered a ton of free samples and have started getting more active in my couponing again. Now if I could just stay away from the "Everything must go" signs at my local JoAnns I'd be OK.

Til later............


Michele L from Tampa said...

funny I was just reading all of the freebees too - and man how the hell do these people do it? really need their trick! and bad! free stuff for birthdays?

Denise said...

Big hugs!!! Know that you have a group of friends that are always thinking about you.

Woohoo Freebies!!! Gotta love them...

Look forward to seeing you Saturday! See ya soon.

Kip said...

Hope whatever is happening, passes soon for you!