Friday, July 18, 2008

Double Bonus Day

Yesterday was a great day..kid wize. I got the pleasure of having lunch with my DD and then having dinner with "The Boy". My DD met me at the local CVS and we headed to Panera Bread Co. (FYI --they have changed the Pick Two menu. I didn't know it and it cost me an extra $2) She showed me pictures of her new Condo (renting) and then we came back to work so she could visit with my friends that she knows. It was really fun to spend time with her. LOVE YA J!!

After work I headed over and picked up the boy to have dinner. He named 5 places to choose from and when pressed, decided he wanted to go to CICI's Pizza. LOL. He's such high maintenance. I almost didn't recognize him when he walked out of his dad's place. He still had hair and he looked taller & thinner. He laughed about his hair and said he is getting it cut today but just a tiny bit off the front and some off the back. He said it will not be a buzz cut! (those that know me have heard about the drama of his hair over the last few years)

We had a nice visit over pizza and root beer. I broke down and let him play a video game after we finished eating. If he can channel his obsession with video games for the good of mankind we are set. Called DH so he could talk to the boy before I dropped him off. They are such guys!!

I have mentioned the "savings" sites I've been going to. One of them has several of my friends involved and it has turned into a "competition of sorts" to see who can save the most money. I went to CVS yesterday (see comment above about DD). I had an OOP of $25 and saved $95. (I also got a $10 ECB to use at another visit--that is their Extra Care Bucks)
This morning I went to another CVS and had an OOP of $66 ($7 of which was a duplicate charge that I plan to get refunded to me later today) and a savings of $125. I forgot the $10 ECB from yesterday so I still have that for another day.

We now have enough Shampoo/conditioner, Razors, toothpaste & nail polish for an army. My DH said last night, after unloading that days haul, that we'll need to build an addition to hold all my stuff. What until he sees the 6 bags I'll be carrying in tonight!! LOL. Good thing we got the SLAH delivery yesterday. I will be cutting some of theboxes down to make "bins" to store the stuff.

Speaking of the SLAH delivery, WOW. We love the products we got. *****LISA.....funny story (at least I hope you'll think so)****My DH usually waits until I get home to open the boxes. I must have told him a few times he can always open them ahead of time because yesterday he took me at my word. When I spoke to him late in the afternoon he was so excited about all the beautiful things we had received. He then told me a story about what a PAIN IN THE BUTT it had been to put together one particular item. He said it was worth it because he really liked it.

Well, as you can guess----it was one of the few things that DIDN'T belong to us!

Yes, he spent over an hour putting together my friends Stand and Basket set. He was very upset when he found out that it wasn't ours. Not so much that he didn't get to keep it but that it had taken so long to put together. So LISA....if it is OK, I'm going to find a box big enough to put the COMPLETED item in and ship it to you. You can thank my DH for saving you huge aggregation. LOL. BTW, it really is pretty but apparently once the baskets are in, they are in!

My FALL product kit is scheduled for delivery today. I told my DH is was OK to open that. LOL. I can't wait to see the new items that will be available to the public on August 1st.

Guess that is all for now. What plans do you all have for the weekend?

Til later..........................

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Anonymous said...

OMG I am cracking up Cheryl! That is SO funny (well not for your dh, I'm sure!) Wow, who woulda thunk it that it would be so difficult to put it together?! Please tell your dh I appreciate his help very much! ;)