Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not paid by the word

Good thing I am not making my living as a Blogger. On the other hand, If I was, I'd have time to Blog.

Work is going well but it makes me exhausted by the time I get home. Monday and Tuesday after work are the only time I have to run errands so I usually don't get home til 7-8pm. WED-Friday I have to run home to get the boy to Karate and by the time it is over, it's 8-9 pm. Between that schedule and leaving the house at 7-7:15AM I don't have time to post. I can barely get on Facebook either so if you are a "follower"---you must be bored by now.

This weekend was the last free one for over a month. I have Southern Living at Home vendor events fr the next 5 Saturdays. (I have Sundays and some week nights available if you are interested in having a get together with your friends). Since we are approaching the holidays, I image my weekends are going to be quite packed for awhile. At least I got my Scrapper room done so I can scrap/craft if I ever have any free time.

My DH "ordered" me to take this weekend to rest and get ready for my up coming schedule. He brought me coffee and breakfast in bed on Saturday and I enjoyed catching up on some of my recorded shows. (Another problem..super busy and now ALL the new shows are on. Our DVRs are packed!!! LOL. Really sad isn't it?) About mid afternoon I started feeling guilty and headed outside to power wash the front walk.

Yes, POWER WASH the front walk ....which then turned into power washing the driveway...or at least half of it. Our front walkway was practically black with places of green. Really depressed me every time I got home. Now it is all nice and clean-grey again. I even got the front door wreaths changed from Spring to Fall. Finally!! I picked up some flowering vines from Lowes to put on the trellis's (spelling??) that have been sitting on the side of the walkway for months. I didn't want to plant them until after the sidewalk was clean so I did it. The plants didn't get planted but the walkway & front door look nice. It's a start.

Today I was spoiled again by my darling DH. I finally came out into the living /dining room area about mid afternoon to watch the Bucs with my DH. I finished straightening up the desk area and got the rest of the stuff out of the kitchen for the first time in 3 months. I checked another thing off my list so I don't feel too guilty for being a slug. My DH doesn't mind if I take time to rest so why do I feel bad?

I hadn't read any ones Blog for awhile and was amazed to see what had been happening around the cyber world. HI Everyone.

The fabulous Gail Pittman sale is over but they have announced another sale on our Gallery & Tuscan line. Go to my website and check it out.... and let me know if you want anything. As always, things sell out so don't delay.

Til later..................

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