Monday, November 9, 2009

Sailor Doll and the Karate test

I went to some yard sales on Saturday before my sons Karate test. Not really alot of stuff or time so after awhile I started heading to the Dojo. I turned down a street to get back to where I needed to be and I came across a sale. I figured I'd take a look around before I drove on. I found this little Sailor Doll on one of the tables.
He called to me.

My dad was a Merchant Marine. I know this isn't a Merchant Marine uniform (or maybe it is, I never saw a uniform and my dad wasn't an officer anyway)but I knew I had to have the doll. I asked the seller if she knew anything about it and she said it was old and she'd bought it at a yard sale or auction. I told her that my dad had been a Merchant Marine and that the doll was "calling" to me. She said, "AW, that is sweet that he reminds you of your dad". I surprised her when I told her :"No, actually my Dad was an SOB"....and then I started crying.

Crying, standing in a strangers yard, holding a dirty-old Sailor Doll.

I paid for the doll and left, probably leaving the woman to wonder about the freak that had just been at her sale.

Why did I have the reaction to the doll? The hat looks like one my dad had. It's no secret that my dad and I weren't close. He died in September over 14 years ago. My little sister and my niece loved him and mourn his passing.
Me, honestly-not so much. Maybe the tears are from that part of me that still wishes I did care more. Wished we could have had the kind of relationship Fathers and Daughters should have. Wished my kids could have had a grandfather from my side of the family.

His birthday is tomorrow (the 10th). Rest in peace dad.

Green best testing on Saturday went OK. My son made fun of me when I suggested he wear a certain item to protect a certain part of his body...until the Black belt instructor asked each of the guys if they had theirs on....LOL It came in handy during sparing later. Mother, DOES know best. We will not have the results until later this week. In the mean time, here are some pictures :

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Jules said...

My son was a brown belt at age 11 so I can empathize with you on the karate thing. And that sailor doll...some things just call to us and say take me home and remember!