Sunday, November 1, 2009


No, it is not Friday again. Thought I'd drop by and make another post. It's after midnight on the 31/Nov 1st and I should be in bed. Since we get an extra hour, I figured I'd share my day.

You are welcome.

I had a pedicure appointment this am. I BADLY need my hair cut/dyed but my hairdresser and my schedules haven't been matching. We made several appointments over the next few weeks to get everything done. I wanted it all done today since it is my only Free Saturday for awhile but she was getting wisdom teeth out and wasn't going to feel up to it.

Fortunately for me, she didn't realize you can't eat before you have extractions. Appointment canceled! She called me last night to see if we could rearrange our appointment for next week since she is going to try her tooth issue again-then. She agreed to come into the shop this morning to cut my hair before my pedicure.

As soon as she started cutting my hair and saw the amount of grey....aka WHITE ...showing instead of the blond I pay her for, she agreed to stay and do the color today.

I ended up at the hairdressers from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm but I was a new woman when I walked out. If they had done make up and wardrobe, I really would have been.

Now I'm all set for another 6-8 weeks on my hair and a month on my toes. My credit card took a hit but it was worth it! As soon as I wash my hair a couple times and the real color comes through, I'll be happy again.

Tonight the Boy and I sat outside at our neighbors house to give out candy. The boy decided he was to old to go around begging for candy and agreed to sit outside with the old folks. He was the most talkative he's been in a long time. He really likes our neighbors and their dog so he was having a great time. He started missing the candy begging about midway through the night but the neighbors had GOOD candy and they kept letting him eat it so he was happy. I also bought him a few bags at the store today so he won't be deprived.

BTW, what is wrong with giving out small "tombstone" erasers with your candy? I'm just asking, not that I would buy them on clearance and save them to give out tonight. Just asking your opinion.

(I have a couple of them left if you are interested)

Til later....................go turn back your clocks in case you forgot.

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