Friday, December 18, 2009

Facebook is evil

Facebook is taking over the world. That's my excuse for not posting or even reading blogs for almost two months. Since no one has emailed me to see if I'm still alive, I guess I am the only one reading my site. No worries. It's always been my place to speak my mind and keep track of stuff.

Quick wrap up...............

Effective 11/12/09....I finally got a full time job with the State of Florida. After almost 8 years and then 3 months of unemployment, a Temp to Perm postion with another company....I finally got a job 15 minutes from my house....and with the STATE. WAHOOOO. It has been keeping me very busy, learning new stuff, trying to keep up with my family....not enough time to blog. Apparently I've missed some stuff on other sites, really out of the loop. I've got enough of my own stuff to deal with so guess they will carry on without my input.

Thanksgiving was really quiet. The kids were with their dad in SC so we had a super quiet day. I didn't cook anything..ended up getting a cooked chicken from the store and ate on it for several days.

BIG NEWS from the girl...she has been offered an internship from MTV in NYC starting the middle of January. Really excited and happy for her but very sad at the thought of her being so far away. I expected her to move away after graduation but this is 6 months sooner than that. Guess I'd better save my $$ for flights to visit her.

Christmas is a week away and I haven't gotten a single decoration up. ME, the Queen of Holiday decorations. My DH wanted to mow the grass before the outside decorations got put out and he has been sick so it didn't happen. I redid the garage to get to the decorations and then had to move a bunch of crap back in the way of the boxes so they didn't get into the house. Tons of excuses but I am determined to get some up this weekend. They may stay up still Easter after that.

My sister has been loosing a bunch of weight. Saw some pics from her Stiocking party the other night. Looking really good. Hope to see her in person soon.

There you have it....a bit of updating from a litle bit to tell.

Go back to Facebook and check out all the real news.

Til Later...................


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Jenn(ifer) said...

I am deleting my blog and starting a new on my blog (but it will be deleted at the end of the month...)